Meet the Mysterious Jewelry Designer Making Grillz for Rihanna and Cara Delevingne

Dolly Cohen, dental technician turned badass mouth grill designer, is a mysterious and difficult woman to get a hold of.
According to Vogue, Cohen is more difficult to get a hold of than Rihanna — one of Cohen’s many celebrity clients.
Cohen, 29, has a laboratory based out of Paris, France, but she is better known for her nomadic tendencies. She said in her Vogue interview:
“I meet with every client first — it’s obligatory. I see their teeth, I give my ideas if somebody needs them, and I can do anything.”
While her range of jeweled possibilities is endless, Cohen rarely, if ever, works for civilian causes. Her designs are specifically constructed for elite celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Drake and ASAP Rocky, who was one of the first celebrities to ever contact her.
One of the main reasons Cohen is constantly name-dropped is because all of her grills are unique. While her clients continue to ask for namesake pieces similar to previous grills, Cohen never replicates. Cohen said:
“Each piece has a price. It could go from 200 euros or more. Once I create a piece, I never do it again. Anybody can ask for letters, like Cara, but for example, the AK-47 I did for Rihanna, that will be the only one.”
Cohen said her grill obsession started around nine years ago when dental work was stagnant in France and her boyfriend randomly asked her to make him a grill. Since the inception of her first design almost a full decade ago, Cohen has become extremely well known for her work, which is extraordinary because she manages to keep an extremely low profile.
Cohen refuses to operate with any major online presence. In fact, the only online presence she has is a basic Tumblr portfolio. Her success was achieved through her ability to gain clients by word of mouth.
When Cohen created studded mouth racks and blinged out pacifiers in addition to the  basic grills for the 2015 Givenchy’s fall menswear collection, her reputation expanded ninefold.
Asked why she thinks grills are becoming more popular, Cohen said:
“Now it’s beautiful. It’s like a ring for the teeth.”
 Most of Cohen’s clientele is based out of the United States, but as bijoux bouche becomes increasingly popular, so will her services. Cohen may even become popular enough to change the permanent grill on Kanye’s teeth, which, is known to be one of her dreams.
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