Desmond Chiam, Rich Ting discuss what ‘Partner Track’ Season 2 could have been

Desmond Chiam, Rich Ting discuss what ‘Partner Track’ Season 2 could have beenDesmond Chiam, Rich Ting discuss what ‘Partner Track’ Season 2 could have been
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Daniel Anderson
December 20, 2022
Desmond Chiam and Rich Ting say their characters in Netflix’s “Partner Track” had plenty to explore in a Season 2 that never was.
Netflix’s legal drama “Partner Track,” starring Arden Cho, was canceled last month after only one season. The show reached the No. 4 spot on Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 list for English-language series following its premiere on Aug. 26 and remained there for three weeks. 
While speaking to NextShark on the red carpet of the 20th annual Unforgettable Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Saturday, Desmond Chiam and Rich Ting, who play brothers Zi-Xin “Z” Min and Carter Min, respectively, shared what was in store for their characters in Season 2.
“It’s a combination of the showrunners’ vision as well as my own. They disclosed a lot. When we jumped in, we wanted to make sure that Z was a significant character come Season 2,” Chiam says. 
In the show, Z is a young businessman and son to Franklin Min of energy company Min Enterprises. He and Arden Cho’s character Ingrid Yun meet during business deliberations. 
Chiam continued: “Georgia Lee, our showrunner, was very forthcoming in how Z would sort of come into his own as a very ethical, upright moral, strong Asian male figure, who almost hasn’t had to compromise on his ethics and honest morality. That was going to be challenged in Season 2 to some degree, getting swept up into this world of lawyers and murky, murky ethics, so we would have seen how a strong Asian man would navigate that. I was really looking forward to doing that.” 
Lee previously hinted at a potential romantic storyline between Ingrid and Z for Season 2 in an interview with Deadline. In Season 1, Ingrid has two love interests: millionaire Nick Laren (Rob Heaps) and her co-worker Murphy (Dominick Sherwood), a previous one-night stand. 
Meanwhile, Ting’s character Carter is a lawyer at Min Enterprises whose dynamic with his brother Z would have been one story beat for him.
“I did get the heads up from the show runners and producers that if Season 2 would have happened, what would be next for Carter” Ting said. 
“Carter grew up working at Min Enterprises, which is his company. I was looking forward to being heavily more involved. I was also looking forward to seeing what my younger brother Z, played by Desmond was going to do, to see that relationship between Arden and Desmond hopefully flourish as well as all the other politics and relationship issues that come up.” 

Ting concluded by expressing gratitude.

“We’re happy we were able to do Season 1, ya know, just glad we’re able to share that story in the world. We’ve gotten really good feedback. We really did.”
Chiam and Ting are both involved in upcoming projects. Chiam will star as Kuo in a fantasy series called “We Were Tomorrow.” He also will play a character named Clarence in an untitled film comedy starring Chris Pang, whom Chiam calls one of his oldest friends. Directed by “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Raya and the Last Dragon” screenwriter Adele Lim, the film is slated to come out on June 23. 
Ting stars as Bill Chang in a forthcoming film called “Pan American: Vol. I” and as Art Chen in the supernatural thriller “Karma’s a B*tch.” Ting was also selected as the grand marshal for San Francisco’s upcoming Chinese New Year parade. 
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