DC updates comic reader app to make Japanese-formatted comics readable from right to left

DC updates comic reader app to make Japanese-formatted comics readable from right to left

The update coincides with the release of three new series: “Joker: One Operation Joker,” “Superman vs. Meshi” and “Batman: Justice Buster”

July 14, 2023
DC has rolled out an update that gives DC Universe Infinite (DCUI) manga readers a more authentic experience.
Key details: The new update, which allows DCUI subscribers to read the manga titles from right-to-left, was released on Tuesday.
New titles: The latest update coincides with the release of three new manga series: “Joker: One Operation Joker,” written by Satoshi Miyagawa with art by Keisuke Gotou, “Superman vs. Meshi,” penned by Satoshi Miyagawa and drawn by Kai Kitago and “Batman: Justice Buster,” written and illustrated by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi.
The releases, all of which are translated into English and will be published on a weekly chapter basis, are part of DC’s collaboration with Japanese publisher Kodansha for the Western market and are available for all paying subscribers of DCUI regardless of subscription tier.
Besides the new titles, the update will also be compatible with other manga titles currently available on DCUI, including the three volumes of “Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga,” “Batman and the Justice League” and the complete “Batman: Death Mask.”
First announcement: DC first unveiled the update and release of the DC x Kodansha collaboration during the digital ComicsPRO convention on Feb. 22.
Not just digital: Physical copies of the three new titles will also be available, with the first volume set to release in comic book shops, bookstores and mass-market retailers on Sept. 5.
In a statement, DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Anne DePies noted that the physical copies will have the same traditional manga format as the digital versions. We want everyone to have an opportunity to read DC’s new manga titles, so we’ve upgraded DCUI with a new reader so that our valued DCUI subscribers will be able to experience the books in the traditional manga format,” said DePies.
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