Chinese Noodle Vendor Finds Unique Way to Draw More Customers, Succeeds Spectacularly

A noodle vendor in Chendu, China has gone viral for his unique way of attracting customers to his noodle shop.

Tian Bo, 30, can be seen joyfully busting his dance moves, complete with facial expressions, that draw the attention of many patrons. The hard working man certainly knows how to win his crowd.

The man revealed that he is not particularly an extrovert, but because the restaurant was struggling to stay afloat, he had to think of new ways to bring in more customers, according to Shanghaiist

Fortunately for Tian, his plan worked and now the food shop doesn’t seem to have any problems in advertising their business. In fact, Tian has become one of the main reasons why customers keep pouring in.

Because of his instant stardom, Tian revealed that he’s been flooded with jobs and other opportunities, but the loyal and diligent employee declined and said that he wants to stay with the restaurant for now.

In the future, Tian said that he hopes to open his own noodle restaurant.

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