Dad Comes Up With Ingenious Way to Get His Son to Quit Playing Pokémon

In the Japanese Twitterverse this weekend, a story surfaced about a father who was able to trick his
When people imagine the kinds of people who are too invested in their video games to pay attention to the world around them, the word “addiction” usually comes up. People obviously have different gaming interests, but most gamers would agree that once they start playing video games, it is almost impossible for them to stop. Unless, of course, it becomes a chore.
Over the weekend, Twitter user Coyo54 tweeted about his boss who was having difficulty  trying to get his son to stop playing “Pokémon.” The man tweeted:
“My coworker’s son was completely obsessed with Pokémon. He and his wife tried limiting the kid to one hour of games a day and told him to play outside, but he never did what he was told.”
After weeks of his son refusing to listen to the rules, the father decided that he was going to switch up the way he was handling the matter at hand.
Rather than taking away the time his son could spend playing Pokémon, the father implemented a rather unconventional system that seemed more like a job contract than a privilege.
The father told his son that he can play video games whenever he wanted, but the agreement was that each day his son had to catch one Pokémon and report it back to him.
When the boy heard of this agreement, he was delighted thinking that he was getting the bigger end of the stick. So each day he would play several hours at a time and he would catch many Pokémon because he did not have a time cap on his gaming.
Unaware that spending too much time doing anything almost always leads to lethargic frustration, the boy over-played his game.
When he tried to play a different game, the father approached his son and yelled:
“Why aren’t you playing Pokémon?!”
When the son realized that video games were becoming more stressful to play because of what he had agreed to, he stopped playing video games and picked up soccer instead.
The young boy is enrolled at an elementary school and his interests now revolve around soccer instead of video games.
Source: RocketNews24
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