Czech Model’s Epic Tantrum on Flight to See Her Cat Causes Emergency Landing

An international model from the Czech Republic forced an emergency landing on Sunday because her “comfort cat” was taken away from her.
Zaneta Hucikova, 34, caused two fighter jets from Buckley Air Base to escort the 250-passenger flight heading from Las Vegas, Nevada to Frankfurt, Germany to land at Denver International Airport, according to CBS Denver.
The Condor Airlines Flight staff allegedly did not notice that Hucikova was acting against pet protocol when she boarded the flight. Hucikova had snuck her cat inside her purse instead of checking the animal in a pet carrier.
When the flight attendants realized that the cat was on board they took the animal from Hucikova and put it in a bathroom, which sent the international model into a complete meltdown. A passenger, Dashenka Giraldo, told ABC7:
“She said that she was part of the mafia and that the mafia follows her around the world and that she was able to bring the plane down if that needed to be the case if she couldn’t see her cat.”
Other passengers on the flight reported that the model was acting hysterically and eventually hit one of the flight attendants which caused the emergency landing.
Although Hucikova was not charged with any federal crimes, she is being detained by immigration officials at the Denver International Airport because she overstayed her visitor’s visa.
The rest of the 249 passengers had to wait 24 hours at the airport before they could finally depart from their bizarre pitstop.
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