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‘It’s time for us to come together’: Hundreds gather to honor Michelle Go at Times Square candlelight vigil

Michelle Go Vigil
  • Hundreds of people, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other elected officials, attended Asians Fighting Injustice’s vigil held at Times Square in remembrance of Michelle Go, who was fatally shoved in front of a subway on Saturday.
  • Friends and family recalled the life of Go, and officials advocated for justice and the safety of the city’s diverse citizens.
  • The Asian American Foundation released a statement of its action plan in pursuit of solutions for keeping the AAPI community safe from hate crimes and violence.

Hundreds of people gathered in Times Square on Tuesday to remember the life of Michelle Go and to advocate for public safety.

Michelle Go’s Vigil

75-year-old Asian woman injured after being tackled to the ground from behind in unprovoked NYC assault

  • The victim, 75, was tackled to the concrete pavement for no apparent reason.
  • The incident, which was caught on surveillance video, shows the suspect fleeing the scene after shoving the victim.
  • It occurred a day before Korean American Day, when another Korean victim got robbed and attacked in New York City.

Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected to indicate that the incident, which occurred on Jan. 12, did not occur on Korean American Day, the following day.

A 75-year-old Korean woman was rushed to a hospital after sustaining head injuries from a random attack in Queens’ Forest Hills neighborhood on Jan. 12, a day before the 119th Korean American Day.

Man stabbed to death after trying to stop knife fight at 7-Eleven in Koreatown, Los Angeles

  • A man was stabbed to death after he attempted to break up a fight at a 7-Eleven in Koreatown.
  • The three men involved in the knife fight have all been arrested.  

A man was killed trying to stop a knife fight that occurred at a 7-Eleven in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

The man witnessed a dispute leading to the knife fight and died after one of the suspects reportedly stabbed him when he attempted to break it up. His female companion, who suffered from non-life-threatening injuries, was brought to the hospital.

Teen arrested for allegedly participating in group attack on Asian man in NYC

  • Jordan McNamara, an 18-year-old man from Manhattan, was arrested on Friday for allegedly participating in a group attack against a 30-year-old Asian man in New York City last year. 
  • The suspect was not charged with a hate crime. 
  • Authorities are currently seeking one of the other suspects related to the crime. 

A teenage suspect was arrested for his alleged involvement in an anti-Asian group attack against a 30-year-old man in Midtown, New York City, in October 2021.

The 18-year-old suspect Jordan McNamara from Manhattan was arrested on Jan. 14 over the brutal attack that happened at 303 5th Avenue in Manhattan on Oct. 23 last year.

Suspect arrested and charged with hate crime for alleged attack on Sikh cab driver at JFK Airport

  • Mohamed Hassanain, 21, allegedly physically assaulted a Sikh cab driver, called him a “turban guy” and said “go back to your country.”
  • The victim, identified only as Mr. Singh, needed to go to a hospital due to chest and arm pain.
  • Hassanain is facing multiple charges with a hate crime enhancement.

A man accused of physically assaulting and racially abusing a Sikh taxi driver at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport earlier this month has been arrested and charged with a hate crime this week.

The incident occurred at a taxi stand outside the airport’s Terminal 4 on Jan. 3, a criminal complaint from the Queens District Attorney’s Office said, according to CNN.

Michelle Go, woman who was shoved into path of NYC subway train, helped homeless people for 10 years

  • Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, was shoved into the path of an oncoming subway train in New York City on Saturday, resulting in her death.
  • Go, described by family members as a “kind” and “intelligent” woman, spent the past 10 years helping homeless people find work.
  • Her alleged killer, 61-year-old Simon Martial, is a homeless person.

Michelle Alyssa Go, the woman pushed to her death by a homeless man in New York City, had advocated for homeless people for over 10 years, according to fellow volunteers.

Go, 40, was shoved into the path of an oncoming train at Times Square-42nd Street subway station at around 9:40 a.m. on Saturday. The suspect, 61-year-old Simon Martial, surrendered to police shortly after and was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.

Family of dead British hostage-taker in Texas synagogue reveals suspect had mental health issues

colleyville synagogue hostage
  • Malik Faisal Akram, 44, was shot and killed during an 11-hour standoff with authorities in a hostage situation inside a synagogue in Texas on Saturday.
  • The British citizen held four hostages inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue. He released the first hostage six hours into the incident and the three remaining ones hours later.
  • His family, who apologized to the victims following the incident, revealed he was suffering from mental health issues.

The family of a British citizen who held several people hostage in a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, over the weekend has condemned the man’s actions and revealed he was suffering from mental health issues.

Authorities identified the hostage-taker as Malik Faisal Akram, a 44-year-old man from the large industrial town of Blackburn in Lancashire, England, according to Sky News. Akram reportedly arrived in the United States via New York’s JFK International Airport on Jan. 2.

‘Because I’m God’: Man who shoved Asian woman to her death on NYC subway has decades-long rap sheet

nyc subway attack
  • Simon Martial, 61, allegedly shoved Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, in front of an oncoming subway train in New York City on Saturday.
  • A second woman told police that Martial initially approached her, and she believed he would push her onto the tracks.
  • Martial has been arrested 10 times since 1998.

A man accused of pushing an Asian woman in front of an oncoming subway train in New York City has a criminal history dating back to 1998, police told reporters.

The fatal attack, which authorities deemed “unprovoked,” occurred at Times Square-42nd Street subway station at around 9:40 a.m. on Saturday.

Judge tells 72-year-old man stricken with cancer he ‘should be ashamed of himself’ for his un-mowed lawn

Judge Alexis Krot
  • Burhan Chowdhury, a 72-year-old man who was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes in 2019, received a citation for overgrown grass in August.
  • Michigan Judge Alexis Krot told Chowdhury on Monday that he “should be ashamed of himself” for not keeping up with the landscaping around his house.
  • Chowdhury’s son, 33-year-old Shibbir Chowdhury, explained to Krot that his father is sick and they had already cleaned the area around their house after receiving the citation.
  • Krot told Chowdhury, "If I could give you jail time on this I would."

Michigan Judge Alexis Krot is under fire for her overreaction to 72-year-old Burhan Chowdhury’s overgrown lawn.

During a Zoom hearing on Monday, Krot told Chowdhury, who is very ill with cancer, that he “should be ashamed of himself” for not keeping up with the landscaping around his house, according to the Washington Post.

Homeless Asian man robbed, called anti-Asian slurs and beaten by three men in Pittsburgh

  • A trio of men allegedly robbed Dewey Kang’s belongings and hurled racial slurs at him on Dec. 30, 2021.
  • A bystander video shows the suspects physically assaulting him with his own skateboard.
  • Kang, who believes the attack was a hate crime, is raising funds for himself to cover his losses.

A transient Asian man is asking for help after he was filmed being attacked by a trio of men in the middle of a street in Pittsburgh last month.

Dewey Kang, who has been homeless for more than seven years, was chased by the group at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Seventh Street at around 2:45 p.m. on Dec. 30, 2021.

Frustrated man in China sets fire to ‘slow’ internet cables, causes days-long internet shutdown for thousands

slow internet cable fire
  • A Chinese man took out his frustration on a public telecommunications box with optical fiber network cables by setting it on fire with a lighter and a napkin.
  • The man was allegedly aggravated because of the “slow” connection of the Internet cafe he was in.
  • The damage caused several buildings in the area — including a public hospital and 4,000 households and offices — to lose their internet connection for up to two days.
  • He has been sentenced to seven years in jail for "destroying public telecommunications facilities."

A Chinese court has sentenced a man to seven years of imprisonment for allegedly setting a telecommunications box on fire because the Internet was reportedly “slow.”

The man, only identified by his surname Lan, was sentenced on Monday for the incident that occurred in China’s autonomous region of Guangxi in June 2021, according to Agence France-Presse via The Straits Times.