This Craigslist Post Perfectly Sums Up How Bad Rent Prices Have Gotten in SF

It’s no secret that rental prices in the bay area have gotten crazy. People have been forced to come up with creative ways to afford living in SF — including building a pod inside a living room and getting married for a rent controlled apartment.

Now it appears that people are converting their vans into bedrooms to rent out. Check out the craigslist post below:

The pricing per day to rent the vans is as follows

  • 3 Day-$45.00 per day (minimum rental)
  • 1 Week-$35.00 per day
  • 2 Week and more-$30.00 per dayAlthough you can’t actually drive the van, the owner says they can work something out if you pay more and have a valid driver’s license.

To put this into perspective: if you lived in one of these for a month (30 days), that means you’d pay $900 a month to live in a van. Think about that.

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