Creative 25-Year-Old Finds a Way to Live in San Francisco For Only $400 a Month

Meet Peter Berkowitz, he’s 25-years-old and used to work as a cook in New York City’s Flatiron District before he decided to move to Oakland, California last year to pursue a career in illustration.

When he arrived, he noticed the high cost of living and found many places that had a huge living room, but not enough bedrooms. So he decided to build a bedroom of his own in a living room.

Using a total of $1300 in supplies, Berkowitz built a pod that was inspired by Japanese Capsule hotels. When he was 12 years old, he climbed inside a capsule hotel exhibit at a museum and has remembered it ever since. He wrote in a blog post:

“People are typically surprised that I would want to live in a pod, but I think they tend to underestimate how pleasant a pod can be if it’s designed smartly.  It’s the coziest bedroom I’ve ever had.”

With this pod, Berkowitz can comfortably live in San Francisco paying only $400 a month, while his other roommates each pay $800 to live in their bedrooms. Suckers!

“I really don’t feel like I’ve taken a hit in terms of my quality of life,” Berkowitz told the Washington Post. “I don’t really notice I live in the pod anymore.”

The pod has a fan and built-in ventilation to keep air circulating. Berkowitz plans to soundproof the walls as well.

Watch Peter Berkowitz give us a video tour of his pod below.

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