Video: Woman returns Costco couch after 2.5 years

Video: Woman returns Costco couch after 2.5 yearsVideo: Woman returns Costco couch after 2.5 years
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A Seattle woman’s TikTok video detailing her experience returning a Costco couch after two and a half years has gone viral.
One satisfied customer: In the video, Costco shopper Jackie Nguyen hauled the well-worn couch back to the store without a receipt. Armed with nothing but her memory of the purchase date, Nguyen secured a full refund for the couch simply by saying she “didn’t like the color anymore.” Despite the couch’s increased current price of $1,500, Nguyen received a refund matching her original purchase amount of $900, which she used to buy another couch from the retail warehouse, reported The Daily Dot.
Costco’s return policy: Costco’s return policy is famous for being customer-friendly, offering full refunds without explicitly stating a time limit. However, there are exceptions for certain categories like electronics, diamonds, alcohol and cigarettes.
In a follow-up video, Nguyen shared that before she brought her sofa to the local warehouse, she first consulted a Costco retail clerk if the company would accept her return.
Sparking controversy: Nguyen’s TikTok documenting the ordeal has since racked up over 3.1 million views and sparked discussion among netizens. While some praise Costco’s return policy and Nguyen’s savvy shopping skills, others question the ethics of exploiting such a generous system, especially after such a long time and for a subjective reason. 
Nguyen has since disabled the comments on her post after reportedly getting threatening comments.
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