‘Bling Empire’ star Christine Chiu reveals why she turned down ‘RHOBH’

‘Bling Empire’ star Christine Chiu reveals why she turned down ‘RHOBH’‘Bling Empire’ star Christine Chiu reveals why she turned down ‘RHOBH’
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Reality star Christine Chiu recently disclosed that she was offered a contract for season 5 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (“RHOBH”).
Key points:
  • Chiu confirmed in an interview with People that she turned down an offer to join “RHOBH” season 5, which aired in 2014.
  • She cited the death of family members and in-laws’ opposition to reality TV as reasons for turning the offer down.
  • The casting would have made her the show’s first Asian cast member, ahead of Crystal Kung Minkoff who joined in season 11.
The details:
  • Chiu disclosed the information on May 11 at the Gold Gala:

“I actually got the contract for it. At that time, somebody on my father’s side passed away, and then my dog was on the verge of passing away, so emotionally I don’t think I was quite ready. And my husband’s family was very much against reality TV, so I actually had to back out.”

  • NBC Universal, the parent company of Bravo, allowed Chiu to withdraw from the contract. Years later, Chiu would end up joining Netflix’s “Bling Empire.”
  • She expressed sadness over Minkoff’s departure and emphasized the need for more Asian American representation in reality TV.
  • While Chiu is unsure if she’d ever join “RHOBH,” she remains committed to advocating for greater diversity in entertainment.
  • Minkoff, the first Asian American cast member on “RHOBH,” recently left the show after season 13. 
  • Jessel Taank from “Real Housewives of New York” is currently the only Asian American woman in the Bravo franchise.
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