Chinese Woman’s Raw Steak Still Twitches Before She Cooks It

Chinese Woman’s Raw Steak Still Twitches Before She Cooks It
Riley Schatzle
June 30, 2015
An unsuspecting Chinese woman found that the piece of raw steak she brought home from the butcher was still moving.
The woman, Ms. Cheng, lives in the Shandong province of China and reported yesterday that when she arrived home at around 9 a.m., about an hour after leaving the butcher, she opened up the raw steak she had purchased and was horrified to see that it was still pulsating, according to the People’s Daily Online via the Daily Mail. Cheng said:
“It looks like it is still alive, or that there are worms or something inside. However when I cut it open I didn’t find any worms, just twitching.”
The 20-second video above, which has garnered more than 11 million views on Weibo, shows the piece of meat’s autonomous spasms.
An expert at the local animal health department, Lv Suwen, commented on the issue, saying:
“The central nervous system is dead but the nerve endings in the muscles are still firing resulting in the jumping, because the nerves are not yet dead. This will stop after a short time.”
The meat was considered by Suwen to be fresh, and officials from the animal health department concluded that the meat was safe to eat.
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