Chinese Woman Hauls $82,000 Worth of Small Change to Deposit into the Bank

Chinese Woman Hauls $82,000 Worth of Small Change to Deposit into the Bank

March 17, 2016
A woman in eastern China had so much small change — 540,000 yuan ($82,800) worth — that she needed the help of a large truck to haul it to the bank for deposit.
The woman had a total of 1.16 million yuan ($179,000) but had to settle on depositing a smaller amount because several banks, lacking the staff and resources to count the money, refused to accept it, reported the South China Morning Post.
On Monday, the Agricultural and Commercial Bank in Dongyang agreed to call in its entire staff to coordinate the counting and depositing of the 1 yuan and 5 jiao coins. Normally, the bank accepts up to 15,000 yuan ($2,300) in change a day, but they decided to make an exception for the woman because many of their account holders were restaurant owners who needed coins, reported the Daily Mail.
The coins were paid to the woman’s husband by a bus company to settle a loan his company in Dongyang had issued.
It took two male workers at the bank over an hour just to unload the sacks of coins from the truck.
This isn’t the first case of an individual in China with seemingly too much change for an establishment to handle. Last year, a man in east China’s Anhui province had to visit three different jewelers before finding one who would accept his 12,000 yuan ($1,870) in coins as payment for an engagement ring for his childhood sweetheart.
In January, 13 auto dealership workers in China’s Guangdong province took 10 hours to count 80,000 yuan ($12,140) in coins and one-yuan notes (15 cents) that a man brought in as payment for a new truck.
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