Chinese Woman Collects and Eats 440 Pounds of Invasive Oysters in Denmark

It wasn’t too long ago when Chinese netizens offered their witty solutions to Denmark’s escalating oyster crisis. Now, a woman from Sichuan Province has stepped forward to bring about actual change.

Bian Miaomiao moved to Denmark with her husband seven years ago, Chengdu Business News said.

On May 8, armed with digging tools and a barbecue grill, she led her team of family and friends to the shore to help ease the country’s oyster crisis.

In just four hours, the squad was able to dig about 150 to 200 kg (330 to 440 lb) of fresh oysters, Shanghai Daily noted. While they grilled some, they ate others raw, and the rest were packed in barrels slated for household consumption.

The oysters headed to Bian’s home were enjoyed by more people, including her Danish friends, who reportedly enjoyed them.

Bian’s parents cooked the oysters Sichuan spicy style, grilled, in an omelette, and also stir-fried.

Meanwhile, Bian couldn’t help but feel proud for making at least some contribution to Denmark’s threatened ecosystem.

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