Denmark Has an Invasive Oyster Problem, Chinese Netizens Offer to Eat Them All

Chinese social media users have proposed a solution for Denmark’s oyster problem with much enthusiasm. The consensus: “We’ll eat them all.”

On Monday, the Danish Embassy in China took its oyster crisis to Weibo, complaining about how the exotic mollusks are invading the country’s shores.

The problematic Pacific oysters reportedly arrived in Denmark about a decade ago. Unfortunately, their population proliferated to the detriment of the shores’ ecologic environment. Limfjord, a local oyster, is now endangered because of their occupation, China Daily noted.

The crisis persists despite reports from Danish fishermen and scientists of the oyster surplus. Few locals attempt to consume the oysters.

As the embassy sought suggestions, Chinese netizens came up with their own solutions. The most popular comment came from a user who urged the creation of “oyster-eating visas” (via Shanghaiist):

“Denmark should relax its visa restrictions and create a 10-year, multi-entry ‘oyster-eating visa’ where each stay can be extended by up to one month. In five years all the oysters will be gone.”

Some have suggested that Chinese businesses could opt to import the oysters, while others felt it would be more fun to bring the Chinese right to the oysters through special package tours.

Wrapping the discussion, the Danish Embassy thanked netizens for their ideas and vowed to echo them to the right authorities.

Photos via The Royal Danish Embassy in China (Weibo)

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