What This Woman Found in Her Sushi is Exactly Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Sushi

A woman in Hong Kong allegedly received an additional ingredient in her sushi that has forced health inspectors to investigate the restaurant chain it was purchased from.

The woman’s daughter purchased two boxes of sushi worth 75 Hong Kong dollars ($9.70) at a restaurant chain called Sushi Express in the Tsz Wan Shan area of Kowloon, according to Apple Daily via EJ Insight. After the two began to eat, however, the woman was met with an unexpected surprise when she bit down into a piece of salmon nigiri that held a set of fake teeth.

The three teeth were attached and were meant for someone who was missing teeth. They were also discolored and looked as if they had been in use for some time. The Taiwan-based restaurant has claimed in its defense that none of its staff wears fake teeth.

Hong Kong’s Food and Hygiene department conducted a thorough examination of the entire facility and said that its hygiene was satisfactory.

Sushi Express said they are still investigating the case and trying to find out where the teeth originated from.

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