Spoiled Chinese Wife Destroys $100,000 Audi from Husband Because It Was ‘Too Small’

In the latest of public displays of anger, a Chinese woman destroyed her brand new Audi SUV because it was allegedly “too small” to transport her family. The car was allegedly a gift from her husband.

The video, posted on LiveLeak, portrays the angry woman bashing in the windows and slamming the doors of an Audi Q7 with an unknown object. The SUV is reported to cost around $100,000, more than what most people in China could hope to earn in their entire lives.  

Pedestrians watched as the woman took out her anger on the sports car for several minutes before the police finally arrived on the scene.

Last week, a not-so-gentle man took his anger out on his brand new Mercedes — his weapon of choice was a golf club.

h/t: Yahoo News
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