Chinese University Punishes Female Students By Brutally Roasting Them in the Hot Sun

On Tuesday, instructors at a university in Hunan, China, forced more than 20 female students to lay down on asphalt under the hot sun while wrapped in blankets because they did not keep their room clean.

While the rest of Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Languages, which enrolls over 2,000 students, watched the incoming freshman bake in the sun, officers went around to make sure the students were not passing out from heat exhaustion, according to NetEase via Shanghaiist.

Some have speculated that the punishment was not fitting, but while the punishment looked brutal, one of the students who endured the scorching heat said it looked worse than it was. Liu Min, speaking under a pseudonym, said the treatment lasted no longer than 10 minutes. She added:

“Instructors were checking their quilts to make sure that they weren’t too tight.”

Although some of the students claim that the punishments are not as cruel as they appear, the principal of the university admitted that humiliation could impact the students psychologically.

The principal said he told the responsible military instructor to tone down the severity of the university’s consequences. In addition, the university will arrange counseling for the students who were covered in quilts and roasted in the sun.

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