Disgusted By a Sleeping Chinese Tourist, One Young Man Decided to Punish Them and It’s Going Viral

Disgusted By a Sleeping Chinese Tourist, One Young Man Decided to Punish Them and It’s Going Viral
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
May 25, 2016
While much of the world may love when criticize Chinese tourists for their often indecent behavior, many in China also experience the frustration of their embarrassing countrymen.
One young man’s video that shows how he ‘punished’ one ill-mannered Chinese tourist has divided the internet on the ethics of his actions.
The young man, who remains unidentified, filmed himself at Xiamen International Airport in front of a sleeping Chinese tourist who had taken off his shoes and was sleeping barefoot sprawled along a bench.
The young man, upset with how the tourist was displaying himself, explained in his video how two airport workers noticed the sleeping man but did nothing — other travelers who noticed the man also did nothing.
The young man spoke of the poor manners of Chinese tourists and expressed his worries of what foreigners will think of Chinese people based on that one tourist’s example. After his monologue, the young vigilante decided to punish the tourist but taking his shoes while he slept and throwing them in the garbage.
The video soon stirred up controversy on the Chinese internet with many split between praising the man for taking action against a shameful Chinese tourist and others condemning him for making the situation arguably worse with some asking what foreigners will think of a barefoot Chinese tourist causing a commotion trying to find his shoes when he wakes up.
Xiamen International Airport eventually responded to the video by saying they have no code of conduct for travelers but that travelers shouldn’t resort to stealing other passengers’ items and instead seek out the staff to handle the situation.
Source: Shanghaiist
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