Chinese researchers unravel mystery of brown giant pandas

Chinese researchers unravel mystery of brown giant pandas
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Ryan General
16 days ago
Chinese scientists have unlocked the genetic mystery behind the brown-and-white giant panda, a rare variation found only in China’s Qinling Mountains.
Key points:
  • Researchers have been fascinated by this unique fur color variation since the discovery of Dandan, a female brown-and-white panda, in 1985.
  • The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this month, found that a natural genetic variation is causing the distinctive brown hue.
  • The discovery provides insights into the genetic basis of coat color variation in giant pandas and could aid in conservation efforts.

The details:
  • Since Dandan, there have been only 11 reported sightings of brown-and-white pandas documented through official news sources or personal accounts shared with scientists.
  • For the study, scientists closely examined the genetic data of Qizai, a brown and white panda rescued as a cub in 2009. His fur showed smaller and fewer melanosomes (pigment cells) compared to that of black and white pandas.
  • The researchers discovered that a mutation in a specific gene, called Bace2, disrupts the instructions for building proteins, ultimately leading to the panda’s unique coat.
  • The study’s findings suggest that the mutation is likely a neutral or weakly deleterious trait, with no significant negative impacts on the brown panda’s reproductive capabilities and overall health.
What’s next:
  • Scientists say future studies will focus on exploring the potential physiological impacts of the Bace2 gene mutation and its implications for the overall health of brown pandas. A deeper understanding of how this mutation affects pigment cells could also guide captive breeding programs for the species, which is classified as vulnerable in the Red List of Threatened Species.
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