Chinese Sperm Banks Will Trade Semen For Cash to Buy an iPhone 6s

Chinese hospitals are piggybacking off Apple’s marketing strategy to get more people to donate sperm, according to Chinese media outlets.
Renji Hospital, in Shanghai, distributed a digital flyer offering to give 6,000 yuan ($940) and a free medical check to men who donate sperm. Their ad said:
“You don’t need to give up a kidney to raise cash to buy an iPhone 6s as you can get enough money just by donating sperm!”
While the ad seems straightforward, there is a slight catch. Donors must be taller than 5 feet 4 inches, have received a college degree, and carry no genetic disorders.
The 17 millilitres donations will only be accepted in Shanghai, and they must be collected by the end of next year. The hospital notes that men can donate over several sessions since an average session will only produce between 2 to 6 milliliters of sperm.
Another hospital in the Hubei Province is paying $1,000 for 40 milliliters of sperm, but while both of the hospitals are claiming that they will offer Apple products in return for semen, they are only paying their patients in yuan.
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