This is What Happens When Asian Parents Who Can’t Read English Dress Their Kids

Many children and adults in China are unknowingly rocking T-shirts with expletives like “F*ck You, Pay Me” and “I am a Whore.”

While slogan T-shirts have always been an item of novelty in Asia, T-shirts being sold with profane English phrases on them at a mall in Luoyang, Henan have recently created more of a buzz than usual.

Children as young as 8 years old have been seen by netizens wearing T-shirts that say things like “Too Drunk to F*ck,” “Sex for Money” and “Hey Bitch,” according to the Shanghaiist.

While English words on clothing are nothing new in Chinese street fashion, these explicit phrases have sparked an online debate in China. According to China’s Consumer Protection law, customers who buy goods and services are “entitled to be treated with dignity.”

Unless it is respectable for consumers to purchase clothing for their daughters labeling them as whores, or their sons as drunken idiots, then there is clearly a misunderstanding as to the legality of these novelty T-shirts.

Source: Complex
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