Video: Chinese man throws over $2K in cash in the air after girlfriend breaks up with him

Video: Chinese man throws over $2K in cash in the air after girlfriend breaks up with him
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Bryan Ke
September 14, 2023
A heartbroken man from China was filmed throwing money in the air after experiencing a breakup with his now ex-girlfriend.
What happened: A surveillance camera recorded the incident, which occurred outside a jewelry store in Huizhou, China.
The man received the bills after selling gold jewelry he was supposed to give to his partner before their breakup, according to local media. He reportedly earned 15,000 yuan (approximately $2,060) from the sale.
The man’s ex-girlfriend reportedly returned the gift to him, which prompted him to sell the jewelry instead of keeping it.

Helping him out: After throwing his money up in the air, a few bystanders in the area reportedly picked up the bills to return them to him. He threw the bills again and stayed in the area until his family found him and intervened.
Buying back the gift: His family reportedly went to the jewelry store the following day to buy back the gift, according to the store’s owner. However, it is unclear what made them decide to do this.
How netizens reacted: Some Reddit users in the subreddit r/CrazyF*ckingVideos, where a post about the incident has already received over 2,500 upvotes and more than 100 comments since it was re-uploaded on Wednesday, commented on the bystanders who did not do anything while the man threw money around.
Did he throw it in a crowd on millionaires or something? Why are they all just like ‘meh,’” one Reddit user commented. Another replied, “They take ‘face’ very seriously in China not to mention the man is obviously in a very emotional state so it’s not surprising people tried to help.”

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