Chinese Man Makes $1,500 a Day Selling Fake Clouds

Chinese Man Makes $1,500 a Day Selling Fake CloudsChinese Man Makes $1,500 a Day Selling Fake Clouds
Riley Schatzle
August 18, 2015
For ages, people have looked up into the sky to see the different shapes and patterns of clouds. 
One man figured out a way to make artificial clouds using helium and foam.
According to CCTV News via Shanghaiist, the man, from the Henan province of China, makes his clouds by combining helium with a foamy liquid. The helium trapped in the foam bubbles causes the fake clouds to float just like the real thing.
While there is no real application for his clouds beyond the amusement of children, he is still making a pretty good living — the man makes roughly 10,000 yaun ($1,500) a day, and CCTV says that his popularity is only increasing. He has found a niche market at events where people will pay to watch him make clouds that can float up to 300 feet.
Fake cloud startup, anyone?
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