Oblivious Chinese Woman Names Her Clothing Store ISIS, Government Investigation Ensues

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, known for their unspeakable crimes committed against humanity, are tarring the formerly reputable name for many people.

One woman in China received some heat after passer-bys noted the coincidental name on her storefront. According to Rocket News 24, the women’s retail store in Guangdong, China, raised a few red flags, which prompted the government to launch an investigation of her shop. The Longgang District public security bureau released an official statement saying that the new women’s apparel store named ISIS was not to be feared.

The declaration was issued on Nov. 26 after a thorough investigation by counter-terrorist units found no connection between the Shenzhen fashion outlet and the extremist group. The report stated that the 35-year-old owner of the store named her shop Yisi yisi, meaning “a token of gratitude” in Chinese. She decided upon shortening her storefront name to ISIS because it appeared more simple and fashionable.

The woman has since removed the sign from the store, but such changes aren’t easy for others affected by the name association. Last month, Facebook blocked a female engineer who started the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign, Isis Anchelee. It has been a hot subject of debate among individuals who are calling for the dissociation of the name “ISIS” that has been used as an abbreviation for the terrorist group.  

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