Facebook Accidentally Blocked This Female Engineer Because Her Name is Isis

(UPDATE: No longer designated as a supporter of an international terrorist organization, Isis Anchelee’s Facebook has successfully been restored.) 

Isis Anchalee, the 22-year-old female engineer who launched the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign back in August, says she has been blocked from Facebook because of her first name — Isis.

Anchalee attracted media attention in early fall when she posted a picture of herself to social media to address the Internet debate over what engineers “should look like,” which stemmed from an advertisement that featured her.

Anchalee tweeted on Tuesday to explain her ban on Facebook:

“Facebook thinks I’m a terrorist. Apparently sending them a screenshot of my passport is not good enough for them to reopen my account.”

People have responded to her tweet and offered assistance as well. Anchalee also noted that 50,000 people signed a petition earlier this year to ask the media to stop associating the name ISIS with terrorists.

Facebook quickly made the correction:

h/t: TechInsider
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