Chinese influencer dies after trying to lose over 200 pounds at weight loss camp

Chinese influencer dies after trying to lose over 200 pounds at weight loss camp
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The news about the influencer, only identified by her Douyin pseudonym Cuihua, was relayed by her parents on Friday

June 14, 2023
A 22-year-old Chinese influencer who went by the online pseudonym Cuihua died after attempting to lose 100 kilograms (220 pounds) at a weight loss camp in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.
What happened: Cuihua’s parents confirmed her passing in a brief statement uploaded to her Douyin channel, which has over 10,000 followers, on Sunday. They wrote that their daughter was rushed to the hospital on Friday after complaining that she felt uncomfortable during a workout.
We hope that netizens will not be misguided by malicious individuals seeking personal gains, which could harm parents and family members. Let the child rest in peace,” the statement read in part, according to Sixth Tone.
Recording her journey: Cuihua started documenting her weight loss journey on her Douyin channel in 2022, in which she joined multiple weight loss camps, including the one in Xi’an as her most recent before her death.
Target weight loss: In a recent video – posted before all of her 115 Douyin posts about weight loss camps were set to private – she reportedly stated that she aimed to lose 100 kilograms (approximately 220 pounds) from her total weight of 156 kilograms (approximately 344 pounds).
How she tried losing weight: Some of Cuihua’s past videos showed her undergoing intense workout routines.
Shanghai Morning News reported that the influencer ate “very little food” as she was on a strict diet consisting of coarse grains, cabbage, eggs and fruit at the Xi’an camp.
At times, Cuihua reportedly did two workouts daily, with the first being her daytime workout and the second being an evening workout livestream.
Concerning programs: Some Douyin users reportedly expressed concerns over Cuihua’s routine, with one writing that what she was doing was too fast for her heart to keep up. Another user pointed out that “coaches don’t encourage this sort of weight loss. It’s like sending someone to Hades.”

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