Restaurant in China Rewards Skinny Customers With Free Meals and Beer

Restaurant in China Rewards Skinny Customers With Free Meals and BeerRestaurant in China Rewards Skinny Customers With Free Meals and Beer
Ryan General
May 11, 2018
A restaurant in China is offering free food and drinks to customers who are skinny enough to squeeze through their narrow metal bars.
Entrepreneur Zhao Lang, who owns the establishment in Jinan city, believes that his promotional campaign will inspire people to consider watching their diet.
According to Zhao, his campaign was inspired by similar challenges that recently went viral in China.
“So many people have told me that they’ve failed losing weight – just because they can’t quit drinking beer,” Zhao was quoted as saying. “Maybe this could serve as a reminder to them to keep an eye on their diet.”
The promo offers different types of discounts determined by the varying gaps of the bars.
Customers can claim a free meal and beer for the entire table if they can enter through the smallest gap which is only 15 cm (5.9in) wide.
Those who can squeeze through the second gap measuring 18cm (7in) are given five bottles of beers. The third gap, which is at 25cm (9.8in) also yieldss a free beer.
Instead of a discount, those who enter through bars with the width of 30cm (11.8in), get a message saying: “Your figure is just average – you shouldn’t ask for more.”

Those who can’t fit through any of the gaps are still welcome to enter through the exceptionally wide pair of bars which asks the question: “Are you sure you should be drinking beer?”

Zhao revealed in an interview with MailOnline that so far, only women were able to claim the main prize. He noted that at least one person gets to fit through the narrowest gap per day. As for the secondary set of bars, 20 people have so far managed to squeeze through.
The promotion campaign has so far proven to be quite effective as crowds have reportedly been lining up to do his “metal gate challenge.”
Featured image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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