Chinese Companies Keep Invading Other Countries With Expensive Employee Vacations

Obnoxious matching jumpsuits? Check. Plenty of double-thumbs-up pics? Check. Have more employees than the active military manpower of Ireland? Check.

You are now ready for a multi-million dollar Chinese employee vacation.

Last week, another Chinese company, Tiens, rewarded 6,400  employees with a four-day, $15 million holiday vacation to France. They went, they marched, and they probably overcrowded the place. Their billionaire boss even got a shot of himself in a military jeep.

This week, Guangzhou-based Infinitus Ltd., a direct-sales firm, treated 12,700 employees to a six-night trip to Thailand. According to the Bangkok Post, the Chinese invasion force — I mean, company employees, will split up into four groups of 2,000-3,000 and travel to Bangkok and Pattaya between May 10 to 26. The company had to reserve seats on 110 flights to get their employees there and around 400 coach buses to shuttle them once they get there.

Estimates on how much the trip cost the company aren’t available, but the vacation is set to generate 600 million baht in tourism revenue, or almost $18 million.

Considering how Chinese tourists are pretty much the worst out there, it kind of makes you hope your country isn’t invaded by a small army of vacationing Chinese employees.

According to the Bangkok Post, the company plans to bring up to 20,000 employees for next year’s company vacation.

Brace yourselves. The Chinese are coming.

Images via Shanghaiist, AppleDaily
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