Chinese Company to Spend $15 Million on Four-Day Paris Vacation For 6,400 Workers

If you thought your company perks were great, you thought absolutely wrong.

Tiens Group, a large Chinese company with 12,000 employees is sending 6,400 workers on an epic four-day vacation to Paris, France, according a report by The Guardian.

The company has booked 140 hotels as part of a package that includes a visit to the Louvre museum. The whole trip is expected to cost a whopping $15 million.

Tiens Group was founded in 1995 by 57-year-old billionaire Li Jinyuan. The company focuses on a variety of industries, including e-commerce, hotel, tourism and biotechnology.

A spokesperson said that Li met with French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on Wednesday and said “the group will be in Nice tomorrow and the day after.”

Now, the question is: Are they accepting job applications?

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