‘Don’t be lazy, OK?’: 4-hour video of an ‘Asian mum’ regularly checking in is making viewers cry

‘Don’t be lazy, OK?’: 4-hour video of an ‘Asian mum’ regularly checking in is making viewers cry‘Don’t be lazy, OK?’: 4-hour video of an ‘Asian mum’ regularly checking in is making viewers cry
Ryan General
September 6, 2022
A YouTube video by the talented musical duo TwoSetViolin simulating an “Asian mum” regularly checking in on the viewer has taken many viewers on a nostalgic, emotional journey.
Australian-based violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen uploaded a four-hour video in July featuring Chen playing the role of a thoughtful and caring mother.

The video, titled “4 Hours of Asian Mum to Help You Focus on Practising/Studying/Working,” shows the “mum” character appearing every few minutes for a quick visit in the viewer’s “room.” 
“Hello! What are you doing?” the “mum” says when she first appears. “Oh? Well, you better hurry up and start now! Don’t be lazy, OK? I come back to check every two minutes.”
Throughout the video, Chen can be seen periodically peeking through the doorway, bringing a plate of snacks or a cup of hot chocolate milk.
In the background, the muffled sound of a Chinese television program can be heard playing, giving the viewer an authentic Asian household experience. 
TwoSetViolin’s viral video is a departure from their usual music-oriented content, which includes them playing music or reacting to other people’s music.
Still, the clip has become one of the channel’s most popular uploads, so far attracting over a million views and over 4,000 comments. Many of the viewers expressed that the video brought back memories from their childhood and made them miss the love of their parents. 
“I know this is supposed to be relaxing and sorta funny, but this was honestly so nostalgic, and now I’m ugly crying. I’m nearly 30, and since my mom was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2019, I’ve switched places with her as the caregiver,” one commenter shared. “She’s getting weaker and weaker… so I know I don’t have a lot of time left with her. I would do anything to go back and relive my childhood, just to see her healthy and happy again.”
“I lost my parents to covid last year in September (2021) two weeks apart, so now I live with my grandma,” another one shared. “This helps a lot, cause I don’t get the ‘parents checking up’ on you anymore like other kids. I was 15 when they passed, now 16.”
“This was actually really comforting,” commented another user. “I lost my mom a few years back, so I don’t get to hear these kinds of noises anymore. Thanks, guys, for making such a comforting video about home and a momma’s love.”
Featured Image via TwoSetViolin
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