Chinese Fan Commercial Promises to Blow Air That Feels Like Boobs

Chinese Fan Commercial Promises to Blow Air That Feels Like Boobs
Editorial Staff
June 27, 2016
Chinese commercials may make us cringe at times, but some are so creative that they end up being hilariously unforgettable. One Chinese commercial for an electric fan is sure to get a few laughs after portraying a breeze of air so ‘realistic’ that it feels like breasts to one young man wearing a virtual reality headset. 
The fan is a product of China Singfun Electric Group Co Ltd. and their ad has reportedly been viewed more than 25 million time since its premiere, according to Mirror. A spokesman also revealed that company sales have gone up by 300%. Looks like the bizarre marketing stunt paid off!
It all starts when the guy wears a virtual reality headset that takes him to a beach with a group of bikini-clad ladies. He buys into the illusion and chases them, but of course, he’s only just walking around the shopping center causing trouble for the staff and fellow shoppers.
After some time, he finally find one woman and fondles her breasts. Here’s when the mighty Singfun comes to tell about the fan’s features.
Apparently, the unit packs a double-blade design which allows wind currents to mimic a boob-like feel. The currents collide at 16 inches, noted to be the distance where users can enjoy the tactile sensation.
The ad ends with the guy purchasing both the VR set and the fan and continues to enjoy the boob-like experience with a bleeding nose.
For over 20 years, Singfun has been manufacturing electric fans and heaters. It is located in the south of Hangzhou Bay in China.
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