China Shuts Down the World’s Saddest Zoo After Photos of Poor Animals Go Viral

The poor animals discovered to be living in terrible conditions at a zoo run by just one man in China were finally rescued after photos of the zoo went viral last week.

Local authorities have officially closed the so-called “one man zoo” in Chongqing this week due to “poor management” after its horrible condition was brought to light by a recent news report.

According to Shanghaiist, Chinese social media users went up in arms after photos of the zoo’s filthy and cramped cages emerged online.

The private facility, located inside Wanzhou Park in Chongqing municipality’s Fuling District, is owned by Tang Decai. By himself, Tang has been the zoo’s cleaner, guard, caretaker, guide and even the animal’s veterinarian for many years.

Tang’s zoo has existed since the park was built in the 1970s, a time when private zoos were a thing. However, the waning popularity of such attractions in the decades that followed has caused him to lose money to keep the facility in “top” condition.

Despite private zoos being banned in 2010, the “one man zoo” has remained open — until it was closed this week. Before it was shut down, the world’s saddest zoo was home to 20 under-fed animals including, a black bear, a camel, a lion, jackal and some monkeys that were housed in very small cages.

It was not reported, however, where the animals will be transferred.

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