‘One Man’ Zoo in China Could be the Saddest Zoo in the World

A particular zoo in China could possibly be the saddest zoo you’ll ever see.

Located in Wanzhou Park at the Fuling District, the zoo is drawing attention from netizens after photos inside the establishment circulated on the internet, Shanghaiist reported.

The zoo has lions, monkeys, and bears that are all in small and dirty enclosures not suitable for any animal.

Judging from the photos, the zoo almost looks abandoned. Additionally, one would expect a zoo to be well-staffed but there’s only one person who runs the whole establishment.

Tang Decai serves as the owner, keeper, guard, ticket seller, vet, and guide of the zoo, which is likely why the zoo is in poor condition today. It would be a struggle for any one man to maintain the place and take care of all the animals.

Just recently, Tang said that his ostrich accidentally fell asleep one night too close to a cage that had a hungry jackal in it. But instead of making a big deal of what happened, he decided to feed his 20-year-old lioness with the ostrich’s legs.

Many users reacted negatively about his behavior, describing him as the “real beast.”

“While the animals may be the ones locked in the cages, the real beasts are roaming around outside,” an online user said.

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