Canadian Teen Suffers Severe Injuries After Chinese E-Cigarette Explodes on His Face (GRAPHIC)

Editors Note: This article contains images that viewers may find disturbing. 

A teenager in Alberta, Canada, suffered severe burns and shattered teeth after a China-made electronic cigarette randomly exploded while he was using it last week.

The teenager was using a Phantom e-cigarette, which is produced by Wotofo in Shenzhen, China. The explosion caused Ty Greer, 16, to go through first and second-degree burns and two root canals to fix his damaged teeth, according to CBC News.

Since the accident, Greer’s father has called for a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. He released the following statement to the press.

“It lit my kid’s face on fire, busted two teeth out. It burned the back of his throat, burned his tongue very badly. If he wasn’t wearing glasses, he possibly could have lost his eyes.

He wanted to die. That is how much pain he was in.”

He pushed the button and blew in, and then you wait a couple of seconds, and then you puff on it. It was about two inches from his mouth and it just blew apart.”

“I would like to see these unregulated ones possibly banned. It is horrific to see your kid with his face so burnt.”

The Action on Smoking and Health group has also joined Greer’s father in demanding further regulations on the sale of the item, according to the Shanghaiist.

“We absolutely need product standards. For instance, they shouldn’t explode in your mouth,” said group spokesman Les Hagen. “The other element with this particular incident is this product was sold to a minor, to a 16-year-old. We would like to see a ban on the sale of these products to minors, just like we have with cigarettes.”

Neither the company or the Canadian distributor has yet to issue a comment on the incident.

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