China releases ‘blueprint’ for Taiwan integration

China releases ‘blueprint’ for Taiwan integrationChina releases ‘blueprint’ for Taiwan integration
via Taiwan Presidential Office / YouTube
China on Tuesday unveiled a plan to develop its coastal province of Fujian in collaboration with Taiwan, a move aimed at deepening integrated development and advancing peaceful reunification, according to state media.
Details: The plan came in a directive issued by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee and the State Council on Tuesday. Key points include encouraging Taiwanese firms in Fujian to list on Chinese stock exchanges, supporting cross-strait capital cooperation and creating a more “relaxed” environment for cross-strait travel, as per Reuters.
The directive also aims to attract Taiwanese students and workers to live in Fujian, which is the closest Chinese province to the self-governed island. The two jurisdictions are known to share cultural similarities, as many Taiwanese happen to be descendants of Fujian immigrants, CNN noted.
The big picture: Ultimately, the plan is aimed at “deepening cross-strait integrated development in all fields and advancing the peaceful reunification of the motherland,” state-run China Daily noted.
Meanwhile, observers knowledgeable about the “Taiwan question” said the document is “equivalent to outlining the future development blueprint of Taiwan island, which is expected to gain a broader driving force and development prospects by integrating with Fujian,” according to Global Times, another state-run outlet.
Meanwhile: The directive comes as China ramps up military exercises near Taiwan’s waters. On Monday, Beijing sent a carrier strike group past Taiwan’s southern tip into the Pacific Ocean, along with dozens of warplanes. Eight warships and 36 more warplane sorties were reportedly spotted in the next two days. Analysts believe the directive and military display signaled a choice between peaceful reunification and military violence, according to the Guardian.
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