One of China’s Richest Men is Poisoned After Helping Clean Up Tianjin Blast Site

Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao is known for his extravagant publicity stunts, but his latest attempt to procure a little show time resulted in his urgent hospitalization.

In an attempt to provide assistance to the community of Tianjin, reeling from last week’s warehouse explosions, Chen — who dubs himself the “Most Influential Person of China” brought in heavy machinery to help clean up the mess, reports Quartz.

He was only in the city for 30 hours before he began experiencing chest pains. After being hospitalized, he was diagnosed with “moderate poisoning,” due to the sodium cyanide that heavily contaminated the area.

In 2008, after an earthquake struck the Sichuan province, Chen was among the first to arrive to the epicenter with an army of employees and heavy machinery ready to clean up the wreckage, much like he later did in Tianjin.

Chen, the founder and owner of Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources, made his estimated $740 million fortune from recycling construction waste.

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