Filipino ‘Carrot Man’ Jeyrick Sigmaton Lands Modeling Contract After Photos Go Viral

Carrot man is back and he is crushing it with his new modeling contract

Earlier this year, the “Carrot Man” phenomenon took hold of social media when Edwina Bandong took a photo of a young farmer loading carrots into a truck in the Philippines. The mysterious and photogenic vegetable farmer turned out to be 21-year-old Jeyrick Sigmaton.

It was recently discovered that Sigmaton has since been offered a modeling contract. Yesterday, local retailer Boardwalk announced that it has brought Sigmaton on as its new brand spokesmodel.

Boardwalk gave fans of Carrot Man a sneak peek of his new makeover on their Instagram.

According to Mashable, Filipino designer Avel Bacudio is creating a clothing collection for Sigmaton, which Facebook users had a glimpse of when Sigmaton posted to his page earlier in the week. Boardwalk is catching the wave of the Carrot Man sensation that began in February when Bandong snapped photos of the young lad and uploaded them to her Facebook.

Sigmaton is from a mountain province in the Philippines called Barlig. It seems like he’s thrown in the towel on farming for his new modeling gig.

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