This sound bite of Cameron Diaz growing up ‘with a lot of Filipinos’ is going viral

This sound bite of Cameron Diaz growing up ‘with a lot of Filipinos’ is going viral
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The 50-year-old actor talked fondly about her Filipino neighbors during a 2014 interview with a Filipino journalist

June 28, 2023
A sound bite of Cameron Diaz talking about her exposure to Filipino culture is becoming popular on TikTok.
About Diaz’s comments: During a 2014 interview in Manila with a Filipino journalist to promote her film “The Other Woman,” Diaz, 50, talked about her connection to the Philippines.
“I haven’t been to the Philippines, but I grew up with a lot of Filipinos,” Diaz shared.
“My best friend that I grew up next door to, her mother was from the Philippines,” she continued. “Lumpia, adobo, I ate it every single day. … Rice, all the time. Her mom made the best rice.”
Going viral: Although it’s been almost a decade since the interview was released, several TikTok users are only just now hearing about it.
The sound bite of Diaz’s interview in particular is becoming popular on social media platforms such as TikTok, with several users of Filipino descent featuring it in their videos.
TikTok user Shana Mafnas (@shanamafnas), for example, posted a video on May 5 of herself lip-syncing the audio.
“Trying to convince my family in Philippines that I’m in touch with that side even though I wasn’t raised in PI [Philippines],” her video’s onscreen text says.
Earlier this month, TikTok user Laura Greenaway (@laura.greenaway) also posted a video of herself lip-syncing to the sound bite.
“When ur wasian but ur lola and lolo [Filipino grandparents] raised you,” her video’s onscreen text says.

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