Yacht Crew Members Reveal the Insane Things that Happen on Billionaire’s Yachts

Yacht Crew Members Reveal the Insane Things that Happen on Billionaire’s Yachts
Riley Schatzle
By Riley Schatzle
July 20, 2015
While many may be under the impression that yacht parties consist of champagne and cocktails, staff members of some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts revealed that alcohol is the least significant form of debauchery seen on board.
“Dan,” a superyacht chef who wishes to stay anonymous, described the yacht charter set to The Sunday Times:
“It’s all ‘let’s get drugs, let’s get hookers, let’s abuse the crew.’ ”
Dan said that before most trips, packs of women are escorted in Mercedes to the yacht and are lined up and picked out by the men on board; usually the ratio is three women per one man for the day.
A crew member of another yacht told the Times they’ve had to oblige packs of Latvian and Russian prostitutes and mentioned occasions where staff members had to pick up sex toys from the previous night.
According to Dan, the yacht he works on has also hosted a doctor who provided Viagra and an ecstasy dealer.
Dan said the clients who only spend a week or two aboard are the worst behaved. Those clients pay roughly $650,000 per trip.
Dealing with the absurd escapades of yacht-goers, however, can be lucrative. Dan said he made over 20,000 pounds ($31,000) in tips last summer.
Thebe Ringner, a yacht stewardess, said that since she graduated from college four years ago, she has been able to save a large amount of money. She said that at the end of every trip she is usually given cash bonuses and showered with perks like iPads, wallets and designer sunglasses.
Ringner mentioned that one Arab boat owner gave each crew member a Mercedes to ride around in on the off-season.
Although picking up dirty sex toys and dealing with strung-out millionaires may seem like difficult work, according to superyacht captain Ben Marshall, working on a yacht can be leveraged as “the biggest business card in the world.”
Source: DailyMail Feature Image via Instagam
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