Why Billionaire Jack Ma is Jealous of Middle Class People

Why Billionaire Jack Ma is Jealous of Middle Class People
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 5, 2016
While most people strive hard to acquire more wealth thinking it will lead to more happiness, one man who’s experienced being extremely poor and insanely rich would like to state otherwise.
The former university lecturer turned billionaire business magnate and philanthropist, Jack Ma, recently revealed in an internal meeting how he thinks being rich contributes to a person’s happiness, Tech In Asia reported.
He concluded that China’s happiest people are those who earn around US$3,000 to US$4,500 a month (currencies converted). According to Ma, people earning middle class incomes have enough for what they need as they “can have a little house, and a car, and a family.”
“There’s nothing happier than that, that is a happy life,” he said.

As one of China’s richest persons, Ma attests that being super-rich does not immediately bring happiness. “Once you get beyond a few million, the troubles start coming up,” he explained.
But then again, those who are yet to become millionaires, of course, would not mind experiencing a trouble or two in exchange for a billionaire lifestyle. In fact, a recent study has even debunked the overused phrase “money can’t buy happiness.”
As a fairly reliable expert on all things billionaire-related, however, Jack Ma has made similar pronouncements before.
“The more money you have, the more things you have to do,” he said in an interview on a Chinese TV show last year, complaining that he was happiest during those days he was a teacher, earning less than $12 per hour.
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