Inside the Invite-Only Apocalypse Bunker Reserved For Billionaires

People ponder it all the time: “What if there was a giant nuclear war and everything went to shit?” or “What if a global plague turned the human race into zombies?”
Estimated to cost $291 million, this five-star doomsday resort is going to be carved into the side of a mountain in Rothenstein, Germany.
The creator is Robert Vicino, the head of Vivos, a company specializing in elite bunkers. He intends on modifying a former Cold War Soviet bunker to meet his investors’ grand needs.
The bunker is called the Vivos Europa One, and it will be one of the biggest bunkers to have ever been built.
It will afford each privileged family, who must be invited and be able to pay for entry along with a regular fee, a heavily guarded, upgradable 2,500-square-foot living space.
Some bedrooms will even have the luxury of looking out into aquariums populated with some of the world’s most beautiful sea life.
In total, the Europa One will offer over 227,900 square feet of living space, as well as additional capacity intended for commercial use.
Everything imaginable will be included (but don’t forget, for billionaires only): for the sick they will have a hospitals, for the spiritual they will have chapels …
… for the bored they will have theatres, and for the drunk they will have breweries.
There will also be a bakery, swimming pool, helicopter pad, detention center, TV and radio station, DNA vault and a zoo, among other things.
The bunker will have the power to withstand anything from natural disasters to a nuclear holocaust to the hammer of Thor.
There will be a self-sustaining climate, ventilation, and everything else you’d get from the outside world, except sealed in this protective shelf. 
Europa One will also ensure that their guests’ design preferences are catered to — each family will be issued a personal architect and builder to customize their space.
Although the Vivos Europa One is designed for an apocalyptic outbreak, it could very easily serve as a modern-day utopia. 
Too bad it is destined exclusively for the planet’s wealthiest.
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