Beyoncé sends flowers to Filipino toddler who called her his ‘friend’

 Beyoncé sends flowers to Filipino toddler who called her his ‘friend’ Beyoncé sends flowers to Filipino toddler who called her his ‘friend’
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Ryan General
April 25, 2024
Beyoncé has confirmed her friendship with a 2-year-old Filipino boy who went viral for asking to visit the superstar.
Key points:
  • The child, Tyler Fabregas, insisted in a TikTok video that he and the 42-year-old superstar are friends.
  • The video went viral and caught the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s attention. 
  • Beyoncé sent the boy flowers, a stuffed dinosaur and a note referencing her song “Halo.”
The details:
  • Tyler is the son of content creator Bea Fabregas and radio host Nikko Ramos.
  • In the viral video, he repeatedly asks his mom about Beyoncé’s whereabouts, even insisting they could visit the superstar. Bea explains that Beyoncé lives far away, and they don’t know her personally. Tyler, however, adorably maintains that they are friends.
  • The video has generated over 16 million views, as of this writing. Beyoncé’s publicist later reached out to Bea to express how much the superstar enjoyed it.
  • Beyoncé sent Tyler a special package including a bouquet of blue flowers (said to be her favorite), a stuffed dinosaur toy and a personalized note.
  • On April 24, Bea shared screenshots of the exchange with Beyoncé’s publicist on Instagram, revealing that the star addressed Tyler as her “friend” and wrote “I see your halo, Tyler.”
  • “For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” she captioned the Instagram post.
  • The grateful mom expressed disbelief and delight that Beyoncé saw her son’s video amongst the countless mentions the singer receives daily.
  • This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has sent flowers to a fan; she’s recently sent bouquets to various celebrities and collaborators.
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