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Bedridden Grandma in China Abandoned by Her Kids, Kind Neighbors Step in to Help

An elderly and bedridden Chinese woman in her 80’s was abandoned by her children, so kind neighbors stepped in to look after her.

South China Morning Post reports the case of a widow in southern China whose adult children were nowhere to be found. In a country where filial piety is a staple part of the culture, many cases of elderly people being treated cruelly seem to be increasing over time.

The woman, Zhang Luanmei, from Guandong Province, suffered a head injury at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, Zhang has been living alone since the death of her husband. Her children, two sons and a daughter, have left the poor woman to care for herself.

Zhang has been making money by begging on the streets. After her accident, she was helped by friendly neighbors and other “kind-hearted” people.

Zhang’s daughter ,who works around the area, showed up one day and sent her mother to the hospital after seeing her condition. She also mentioned that she contacted her older brother who has refused to help care for their mother.

“He said he suffered from hypertension and couldn’t come. He also said it was no big deal if Mum died,” the daughter said.

China has long emphasized the importance of taking care of the elderly but sadly for Zhang, her children don’t think much of such tradition.

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