Chinese Son Forces Elderly Mother to Live Outside Over A Fight About Money

A cruel son from China locked his mother out of the house for three days because of money matters regarding her care expenses.

An 82-year-old grandma was forced out of her youngest son’s house after she refused to give him her $60 senior allowance provided monthly by the government.

According to South China Morning Post, the old grandma who is unable to move by herself, was seen just outside the gate of her youngest son’s house, crying. Some neighbors tried to help the woman by offering their house and giving her food, but the grandma said that she would rather die outside her son’s house than someplace else.

It was found out that the woman’s husband passed away 18 years ago and since then, her two sons and two daughters took turns in taking care of her in their homes. Apparently, there was some money issue involved as it appeared that the youngest son was not happy with the contribution of his elder siblings.

The report said that the four children have always had disagreements with regards to cost of caring for their mother. Fearing that their mother could pass away any day because of her declining health, the youngest son forced their mother out of the house to avoid funeral costs.

This incident sparked outrage from communities especially with the increasing number of reported mistreatment incidents among the elderly in China.

These cases contrast to the thousand-year old tradition of filial piety practiced by many Chinese families where the elderly should be cared for and treated with respect.

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