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About the author: Zach Schwartz is from Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently a contributor at VICE and Thought Catalog, and a Partner at Rapchat. He Tweets @zach_two_times.

The Phat Startup: Hip-Hop Meets Entrepreneurship At This NYC Tech Conference

If tech had an official soundtrack, it would be hip-hop. The idea of making something out of nothing is at the core of both entrepreneurship and hip-hop. Both tap into the promise of the American Dream we all have buried within us.

Enter The Phat Startup, a media company that unites those two in a very real way. Founded in 2011 by James Lopez and Anthony Frasier, The Phat Startup has managed to distinguish themselves in an online mess of buzzword stew and clichéd content by creating real content and dropping real knowledge. They’ve had some pretty legendary interviews with people like Ben Horowitz, Gary Vaynerchuck, Alexis Ohanian and James Altucher. The great thing about them is that all their content is super accessible — rather than delving into complicated theory, they provide content and advice that anyone, from any background, rich or poor, white or black, can relate to and understand.