Yunha Kim

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Yunha Kim is CEO and founder of Locket, San Francisco based Android lock screen app company that delivers inspiring and relevant content on your smartphone lock screens. Recognized by Business Insider as advertising’s “30 Most Creative Under 30”, Yunha graduated magna cum laude from Duke University in 2011 with degrees in Economics and Chinese. Before starting Locket, Yunha worked at Jefferies as an investment banking analyst, and interned at McKinsey & Company and the United Nations.

The 5 Most Popular Questions Aspiring Entrepreneurs Ask

A few months into investment banking in New York, I stumbled on an idea and decided to quit my job to pursue it immediately. I wasn’t able to afford my rent anymore, so I moved in with my co-founders into a tiny apartment and we started our adventure.

It’s only been a year, but I’ve learned so much. That impulsive decision I made ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  For those of you that are thinking about doing a startup, I wanted to share my responses to the most popular questions I get asked from aspiring entrepreneurs: