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UC Berkeley IG Post Says Xenophobia Towards Asians is ‘Normal’ Over Coronavirus Fears

A post on an official UC Berkeley Instagram account sparked concern and outrage on Thursday after listing xenophobia against Asian students as being a “normal reaction” to fears over the coronavirus threat.

Adrienne Shih, a former UC Berkeley alumni and an audience engagement editor at the Los Angeles Times, tweeted a screenshot of a post from the Instagram account @bewellcal saying, “Confused and honestly very angry about this Instagram post from an official @UCBerkeley Instagram account. When is xenophobia ever a ‘normal reaction’?”

Inside the Hong Kong Protests: What It’s Really Like to Be on the Ground

hong kong protests

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a NextShark series covering the Hong Kong protests with our reporter in the field, Ivan Ng. 

By now, the entire world knows what’s going on in Hong Kong. It started with an extradition bill, the people protested for months, the government said they would kill the extradition bill, but too many tragedies and alleged crimes had happened for the people to let go. They continue to protest, but this time for a completed list of five demands.

Asian Man in LAPD Shirt Yells ‘White Power’ at Black Lives Matter Protesters

A video posted by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles depicts a man of Asian descent wearing a long-sleeved shirt with Los Angeles Police logos yelling “white power” at Black Lives Matter protesters on Thursday.

According to the BLMLA Twitter account, the man, who they claim is an LAPD officer, was yelling “white power” and making “white power” signs with his hands to allegedly antagonize the family of Albert Ramon Dorsey, a Black man who was killed by police at the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym locker room. Today, he would have been 31, and BLMLA protested in front of the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness.



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Pixar’s Short Film ‘Bao’ is Confusing The Heck Out of White People

Many Pixar fans are going out to see “Incredibles 2,” and like pretty much every Pixar film that comes out, there is a short film that plays before the main feature.

This year, we are treated to the short film “Bao,” a lovely tale of a Chinese-Canadian mother who lives in an empty home with her husband and gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings comes to life.

Horri‌fic Video Allegedly Shows Chinese P‌ol‌ice Rut‌hlessly Be‌ati‌ng Uyghur Muslim in Ha‌nd‌cuffs

A sickening video was recently posted to social media allegedly showing two Chinese p‌ol‌ice officers b‌eati‌ng a han‌dcu‌ffed Uyghur Muslim man.

The video was posted on Twitter and Facebook by the online project Documenting Oppression Against Muslims (DOAM), which documents violence against Muslims and incidents of Islamophobia.

We Saw ‘The Great Wall’ to See Just How Offensive it Was to Asians

Last week, one of China’s most visionary directors, Zhang Yimou, released his latest and most “Hollywood” film yet — “The Great Wall”.

The film was initially marked with controversy in the Asian-American community for it’s apparent “Hollywood whitewashing” with the casting of Matt Damon as the lead character in a film largely based on Chinese culture.