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The Moment Asian American Woman Realizes Victim of Brutal Murder is Her Cousin

Editor’s Note: Kerry Yang is a family member of Caitlyn Xiong, a young woman who disappeared and subsequently died under mysterious circumstances. Yang and her family are looking for answers regarding Xiong’s death; they are accepting donations to cover funeral and justice-related expenses via their YouCaring page.

I first found out about my cousin’s disappearance from a random post one of my Facebook friends shared. It was one of those things people like to share without really thinking about who the subject was, and the prettier they were, the more it was likely to to be noticed. I did a double-take when I really looked at the picture because I realized I knew that missing girl. That girl was my family. I had just seen her at another family member’s birthday party last month. And here was this picture of her saying she was missing. I was dumbfounded that this was happening. This happened to other people, but not to us, and we hoped that perhaps it wasn’t true.