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The 6 Tools We Use To Run A Company While 500 Miles Apart

Tim lives in San Francisco. I live in San Diego. Exactly 497 miles of driving separates our two home offices. Together, we are cofounders of a newly minted startup named Whttl.

All day, every day, we are bouncing new ideas off one another and collaborating on product and growth. How’s the home page build coming along? How can we improve our product pages? Which bank account should this $10,000,000 check go into? (OK, the latter one hasn’t happened just yet.) The extreme geographic disparity creates some monumental challenges in running our business.

My Startup Was Burglarized. Here’s How I Managed To Stay In Business & Still Sell The Company

Business was booming.

It was March of 2012, and the company that I started in college had been up and running for over two years, slowly but steadily increasing headcount to a team of about ten. Our modest three room office was bursting at the seams, so we decided to expand.

And expand we did. We went from 1,200 square feet to over 5,000. We had six private suites, a conference room, a large open area, and a huge attached warehouse/garage, which we used to park our cars in during the one or two annual rainy days in San Diego.